A Rock in a Weary Land

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A Rock in a Weary Land, recorded live at Community Family Church in Independence, Kentucky, begins with a musical jubilee, including “Everything That Has Breath,” “Just A Little Talk With Jesus,” and “How Great Is Our God” (Mark Ellis and the CFC Praise Team); “Your Cries Have Woken The Master” (Wayne Shell, Terry Shepard, and Mark Ellis); “Celebrate Me Home” (Connie Hon); and “Going Home Where I Belong” (Pastor Bates).

Pastor Bates begins this powerful message on living victoriously in these last days by sketching out God’s grand plan for his people. We were originally designed without sin and destined to live eternally in His presence. But when the “sin factor” entered into human history–bringing with it sickness, poverty and death—God intervened, adapting the tactics of his changeless purpose to the condition of fallen man. Life then became a temporary journey during which we must face the darts of the Enemy, not in our own power but through the “sword of the Spirit,” God’s inerrant Word. Jesus came into the world not only to provide a means of eternal salvation, but to set an example of how men and women can live out this temporary existence in victory over the Enemy. His blood was shed for our salvation: he is our rock in a weary land.

Noting that “what is concealed in the Old Testament is revealed” in the new covenant, Pastor Bates shows how the story of Moses leading the children of Israel out of bondage prefigures the work of Christ (Exodus 17:1-7). Like the Israelites who traveled from Egypt to the Promised Land, we, too must travel from our deliverance at the moment of salvation through a weary land in order to reach the point where the promises of God work gloriously in all the details of our eternal lives. But our journey involves dry spells–times when we do not want to serve Him with all our hearts, times of heartache, temptation, and defeat. We murmur and complain, just as the freed slaves did to Moses. Now, as then, Satan attacks us in these weary moments, tempting us to turn back to Egypt, to the false pleasures of the world. This is his plan, but God always makes a way. Turning back is not an option. The only good way out is to pass through this weary land, saved by the blood of the Lamb and armed with the word of our testimony. It is, Pastor Bates declares, the only temporary hell we will ever need to know. And all of God’s promises await us on the other side.

This stunning message will encourage you to keep on keeping on to the prize before us.

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