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Digging In Your Valley


In Digging in Your Valley, recorded live at Community Family Church in Independence, Kentucky,Tommy Bates explores the riches of the twenty-third Psalm and shows that this familiar passage is for the living, not just for those who have passed on.
The “shadow of death” appears whenever the Enemy comes between you and the radiant light of God’s glory, just as dark objects create shadows by blocking the sun. Under the shadow of death, we get cut off from our source of light. We lose our zeal. We walk away from the church, or stay, and just go through the motions without the anointing. We lose hope. This is the valley of the shadow of death, which is separation from God.

Pastor Bates points the way out. When you’re in a dark valley, get a shovel and start digging. Dig out the envy in your life, dig out the hatred, dig out the self centeredness. Fear no evil, for God is with you, even in the valleys of life. Keep digging and demons will flee He will lift you up above the shadows and back into His glorious light.

This is one of the most powerful messages you’ll ever hear. The CD and DVD include music by Janice Bates (Pastor Bates’s mother) singing “Touching Jesus” and Pastor Bates singing “Come Unto Me.”

Available in two formats: DVD Video ($15) & CD Audio ($10)
Shipping/Handling is included in the price