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God Save the Family


  1. It Happened to Me
  2. New Testament Church
  3. There’s No One Greater Than Jesus
  4. He Knows Exactly What I Need
  5. God Save the Family
  6. God Said It
  7. Nothing Between
  8. Weary Pilgrim
  9. I Just Came to Talk With You Lord
  10. My Jesus Knows Just What I Need
  11. Churchin’

An incredibly awesome reality is knowing the Lord Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior through the message of the Gospel – the “Good News” That’s exactly what it is. The songs that I have written have come from the very depths of my heart. I pray as you listen, you will become more acquainted with Jesus, to the point you can sing with me, “1 know, yes I know, Cause it happened to me.” My earnest prayer is that God would save the family and bring spiritual restoration to America and the world.

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