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The Incense of Prayer


The Incense of Prayer, recorded live at Community Family Church in Independence, Kentucky, begins with a faith building testimony of God’s miraculous healing power over a life-threatening cancer by Felicity Spicer, who then sings “Praise His Name,” followed by a thrilling rendition of “The Only Real Peace,” by Pastor Tommy Bates’s mother, Janice.

“Let my prayer be set forth before thee as incense” (Psalm 141:2) serves as the central text for Pastor Bates’s illuminating sermon on the nature and power of prayer. In God’s progressive history of acceptable sacrifice, the blood of animals is replaced by the work of Jesus at Calvary, and the cleansing laver, or wash basin, is replaced by the Word. Only the blood of Jesus can purge our conscience from dead works so that we can serve a living God. Beyond the natural light of the Cross and the Word, there is the spiritual light of the Holy Spirit. But there is yet another level of the supernatural power of God, which releases His glory when the power of the Holy Spirit fuses with intense prayer that involves the whole person–spirit, soul and body. This powerful mode of prayer, as David declares, sends up a vapor and incense to hidden chambers of the supernatural.  Although God answers all sincere prayers, however they are uttered, Pastor Bates focuses this message on Tehillah praise–a melodious, Spirit filled form of prayer that issues from the depths of the soul and rises as incense to the inner chambers of God.  We need more of it in our time, for Tehillah, which remains no less powerful now than in David’s day,is the kind of praise God dwells in.  “If you want something, you’ve got to do something,” Pastor Bates challenges. You can “make it through praise.”

You must experience this powerful service. It will deepen your faith, and show you how to break through to the treasures that God has in store for each of his children.

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