Jesus Came Back Again




In Jesus Came Back Again, recorded live a the Tennessee Church of God Camp Meeting, Pastor Tommy Bates offers a marvelous message of optimism and hope that is to be found only in the infinite mercy of God.

Using the Biblical account of the “woman with the issue of blood,” Pastor Bates shows the persistence of Jesus in His earthly ministry. The sick woman missed Him the first time, but He came back to Capernaum so that she might receive her healing.

On His first visit, she is too busy consulting one physician after another, too caught up in her own pride to seek the grace of God. But the second time around, at her point of desperation when all the doctors had failed, “she heard, she said, she came, she touched, and she felt” the anointing of Jesus. As a consequence of her faith, she was made whole.

Jesus came back again. And He keeps coming back to each of us, since God is not willing that any should perish. As Pastor Tommy Bates declares, Jesus “knows that what you need, He’s got.” You’ll know the boundless love of God, too, in a deeper way after experiencing this brilliant message. It will enlarge your faith.

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