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Jesus in Nazareth, recorded live at Community Family Church in Independence, Kentucky, begins with stirring music–“He Lives within My Heart,” by Brenda Taylor and “Resurrection Power” by Mark Ellis, backed by the CFC Praise Team. Pastor Tommy Bates then delivers a vivid, faith-building message on the life of Jesus, prior to his brief public ministry.

 Though born in Bethlehem, Jesus lived most of his life in the small town of Nazareth, working as a humble carpenter, the eldest son struggling to support his family following his father’s death. During these hard years, he felt our loneliness; he endured our struggles to make ends meet; and he experienced our fears. Our Savior, our redeemer, the Son of God “made of himself no reputation” to walk among us. Pastor Bates presents a thrilling word picture of these years in Nazareth—barely mentioned in Scripture—that prepared Jesus to move on to a world-shaking public ministry. At the age of 30, he is drawn to the ministry of his cousin John, whose message of repentance had attracted tens of thousands of followers.  We hear the moving story of the John’s baptism of Jesus in the Jordan river, when the heavens opened up, the Spirit descended as a dove, and “a voice from heaven” said, “This is my son, in whom I am well pleased” (Matt. 3:17).  Jesus then fasts for forty days in the desert, overcomes the temptations of Satan, and proceeds to travel about, proclaiming the new kingdom of God, casting out devils, and performing miracles of healing and deliverance.  But on his return to Nazareth, he is met by confusion, anger, embarrassment, and unbelief.  ‘Who does this poor carpenter think he is,’ people asked?  Many turned away from him then.  And many turn away today. We know the rest of the story, for whether we believe or disbelieve, we are part of it.  Indeed, we are the objects of it. Unbelief never stopped Jesus, but it can stop you. “Your perception of who Jesus is,” Pastor Bates declares, “will determine your reception of what Christ can do in your life.”  This same Jesus–the obscure carpenter of the Nazareth years–is also the anointed one who can do what he said he can do, if you will let him: he’s our doctor, our lawyer, our way maker, our provider and our Lord and Savior.

At the end of this magnificent message, you will know Jesus in fresh way. And you will know that when you call on him, “he’s still as close as his name.”

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