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Lazarus Had Two Sisters


Lazarus Had Two Sisters, recorded live at the 2011 Ladies’ Conference at Community Family Church in Independence, Kentucky, begins with a Spirit-filled song service–including “Lift Up the Name of Jesus,” and a hauntingly beautiful solo, “I’d Do It Anyway”—that prepares you for this timely message on God’s empowering plan for women.

Although the resurrection of Lazarus is the most spectacular miracle in the ministry of Jesus, the Biblical narrative (John 11) does not focus on Lazarus, but rather on his two sisters—Martha and Mary—in order to illustrate the marvelous provisions that God has made for women to bless others and be blessed. Mary defied the cultural conventions of her time, brushing past the men to minister to Jesus, anointing his feet with precious ointment. Women are called to mighty roles in the body of Christ–to preach, to sing, to lay hands on others, to prophesy, to intercede, to cast out devils. If men often underestimate the power of women, the Devil does not. Declaring that God has empowered women to do mighty things, Pastor Bates challenges each listener to overcome the barriers of culture and become modern Marys and modern Marthas– women who are, by virtue of God’s design, “tougher than your situations.”

This magnificent service will inspire every woman to fulfill her divine destiny. It will open men’s eyes, as well. Lazarus Had Two Sisters is for the whole church.

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