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This Old Time Way


  1. Prayer
  2. Almighty God
  3. That’s Just What He Is
  4. God of the Mountain
  5. Somebody Out There
  6. One More Valley
  7. Heaven Will Be Worth The Journey
  8. He Is Jehovah
  9. I Believe in the Old Time Way
  10. There Is a Way to Cross Over
  11. No Need to Worry, No Need to Cry

OUT OF STOCK ITEM.  AVAILABLE SOON ON iTUNES.  The Old Time Way is a celebration of the great heritage left to us by our Appalachian Pentecostal forefathers. Although everything in these last days seems to be moving at breathtaking speed, we need to hold on to the wonderful things which have been handed down to us by those who blazed a trail for us to follow. Though our surroundings seem to change almost daily, The Old Time Way reminds us that God never changes, that He is still on the throne, and that He will always make a way for us to not only survive but to overcome.

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Out of stock