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Pentecostalism: Past, Present, And Future


Pentecostalism: Past, Present, And Future was recorded live at the Perry Stone Main Event Campmeeting. This amazing teaching message will enhance your understanding of the role of Pentecostalism in the unfolding history of the church. Tommy Bates speaks with extensive knowledge and great authority, having come directly out of the twentieth century Appalachian Holiness movement.

Pastor Bates traces the outpourings of the Holy Spirit from the Day of Pentecost described in Acts through the long history of the church. Pentecostalism is not a denomination. It is not an organization. It is a recurrent movement of the Holy Spirit ordained by God, confirmed in His Word, and experienced by God’s family: “…ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you” (Acts 1:8). From that day to this, from the “former rain” to the “latter rain,” every time the fire of faith has died out in the organized church, the Holy Spirit has moved mightily to revive the faithful and renew their hope.

Wherever old time Pentecostal power falls, causing men and women speak in unknown tongues, see visions, prophesy, and receive angelic visitations, the church comes to life, and a harvest of souls is brought into the kingdom. We saw the greatest outpouring ever of the Spirit in the 20th century, beginning in scattered places and spreading across the globe like wildfire: today there are 800 billion people who have experienced Pentecostal blessings. Before the return of Christ, there will be an even greater outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

This is a dazzling message you will want to hear—and experience—more than once.

Available in two formats. DVD Video ($15) & CD Audio ($10)
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