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The Purpose of the Scriptures


The Purpose of the Scriptures, recorded live at Community Family Church, in Independence, Kentucky, begins with a rousing song service—including “He Set Me Free,” and “Freedom”—followed by an inspiring, faith building message from Pastor Tommy Bates.

Paul’s instructions to Timothy prior to his missionary trip to Macedonia (1 Tim 1:3-5) form the primary text for Pastor Bates’s illuminating message on the central purpose of all the Scriptures, which is to “bring all of us into a mature love.” The Bible teaches us that Christ imparts to us a supernatural love that overcomes every snare of the Enemy, every bit of backbiting and strife within the local church, within families and among friends, and within ourselves. The Scriptures teach us that deep, “unfeigned” faith in Christ, mixed with our determination to live in the holiness way, will create in us a clear conscience and a pure heart that will bring about a love for God and a love for others. This is the simple essence, Jesus declares, of all the commandments and all of the words of the Prophets. From Scripture, we learn a mature love that never fails, a love that bears all things, that endures all things, and that deflects every one of Satan’s attempts to sow discord among us and separate us from the love of God—from His goodness, His greatness, and His glory.

You don’t want to miss this instructive message that will bring you to the very center of God’s purpose in the Scriptures—to His concern that each of his children become like Christ by receiving and cultivating His supernatural, mature love.

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Available in two formats. DVD Video ($15) & CD Audio ($10)
NOTE: Due to space limitations, the audio CD has a shorter altar service by about 10 minutes.
Shipping/Handling is included in the price