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While They Were Sailing


Luke 8:22-25 is the text of this riveting message, recorded live at Christ Temple Church in Huntington, West Virginia.

In While They Were Sailing, Pastor Tommy Bates brings a familiar scene of Jesus and his disciples to life. After they set sail on the calm Galilean sea, Jesus falls asleep. A fierce storm arises, and His terrified disciples rouse the Master. When Jesus rebukes the winds and the waves, calm returns and he asks them, “Where is your faith?”
Pastor Bates brings this all important question into the present, explores its depths and challenges you to find your faith in Christ and exercise it constantly in every circumstance. Faith is the key to avoiding storms. Faith is the key to having peace in the midst of storms. And faith is the key to surviving life’s storms. Keep faithing, and Jesus will pilot you safely to “the other side” where you will sail the “glassy sea.”

Experience the power of the Holy Spirit in this anointed service. The CD and DVD includes special music by Josh Bates and Pastor Bates.

Only Available on CD.
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