Ye Shall Go Out with Joy




Ye Shall Go Out With Joy, recorded live during the 2013 Spring Revival at Community Family Church in Independence, Kentucky, opens with a brilliant musical jubilee: “A Child of the King,” “Nothing But the Blood of Jesus” (Brenda Taylor); “We’ll Soon Be Done (With Troubles and Trials” (Mark Ellis); and “Wayfaring Stranger” (Ashley Bates). Before the stirring message by Pastor Tommy Bates, Alice Trent, Linda Gibson and Tad Floyd offer memorable testimonies of God’s transforming power in their lives.

“For ye shall go out with joy” (Isa. 55:12) provides the Scriptural anchor for this magnificent teaching. Happiness is based on “happenings,” events in life that please us. It comes and goes like the seasons. But joy, which is the supernatural work of the Holy Spirit, is deep and steady. It is the unshakable confidence in God that brings contentment in “whatever perimeter in which He has blessed us.” Pastor Bates shows how each of the nine aspects of this fruit, like the wedges of a single orange, can be brought to vibrant life in us. The first three—love, joy, and peace—are supernatural reproductions of the Holy Spirit in our spirits: we cannot will them into existence, for they are divine gifts that require acceptance, not work. The next three–longsuffering, kindness, and goodness–come through our souls (our will, mind and emotions) and depend upon the constant renewing of our minds, another supernatural work of God in our lives. And the last three—faithfulness, meekness, and self-control (temperance)–all require that we nail our flesh to the cross, die to our ungodly attitudes, and let Christ live in us. So don’t “be who you are,” Pastor Bates advises, but be “who He is” in us.  Know that “God wants fruit.” And know that He has shown us the only way it can be produced.

Do not miss this service. The music will bless you. The testimonies will inspire you. And the message will show you how the supernatural joy of the Lord can be your strength.

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